Introductory Questions

1. Name (Family, Given).

Simboli, Elizabeth

2. Student id #


3. What is your preferred name?

I enjoy being called by my first name, Elizabeth, but some of my friends also call me Liz or Lizzy.

4. What are your preferred pronouns?

My preferred pronouns are I, you, it and this.

5. Where did you last study before coming to Dawson?

I studied at Le Collège de Montréal, which is actually the first ever highschool founded in Montreal. It is situated downtown on Sherbrooke street, fairly close to Dawson.

6. What program are you currently enrolled in?

I am curently enrolled in the Health Science program.

7. What are your plans after completing your DEC?

After my DEC, I would like to study at McGill University in the "Human Nutrition and Dietetics" program.

8. What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is biology. I also really enoyed Calculus 1.

9. What is your favorite past-time/hobby/sport?

I actually see my job as a past time because I enjoy it so much. I am a lifeguard and swimming lesson instructor. I love teaching swimming lessons so much that I consider it more a hobby rather than a job. I also used to play volleyball in highschool and I still try to play whenever I have the chance and I also ski during the winter.

10. Honestly, why did you select this course?

I originally selected this course because I saw that it fit well with my schedule and once I read the course description I was very interested in it and wanted to choose it. I find this course very interesting and important because our generation is now very technologically advanced, so I find that it is essential to know how this technology works in order to properly use it.

11. Describe two different learning activities that you find most effective.

The two different learning activities that I find are the most effective are recopying down my notes and making flash cards. I find rewritting my notes using colours helps me retain the information more accurately and also making flash cards with a question on one side and the answer on the other side is a good method to study in order to assure that you understand everything about the material.

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