Hello and welcome to this lifeguard crash course. I put this website together with the infromation from the study guides that I made throughout
all of my lifeguarding courses. I am a lifeguard with four years of experience and also a swimming instructor, teaching children of all ages!
Lifeguarding is a great job that also requires a lot of knowledge, which is why it is a good idea to have all necessary information needed to study in one place.

This Lifeguard Crash Course is a clear and concise summary of the essential criteria learned throughout the four lifeguard courses;
Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, First Aid and National Lifeguard.

You will find the signs and symptoms of the major first aid situations that lifeguards are trained to treat, as well as the necessary treatment for each situation.
This crash course also includes information on guarding and tips on teaching swimming lessons.

Hope you check out the tabs and find everything you need! Enjoy!