Swimming Lessons

Teaching swimming lessons requires enthuasiam and patience. Don't be shy to show your goofy side and have fun in the water!

Swimming instructors teach swimming lesson of all ages, so it is important to know what age group you are working with in order to teach appropriate criteria and what games are appropriate for that age group.

A list of the necessary criteria to teach per age gorup is always provided to the instructor in order for them to be completely aware of what exactly should be taught.

The following is a lesson plan I put together as an example/guide of what you can do during a swimming lesson! Notice how I have included games at the beginning and end of the class, this is important in order for the children to have fun and feel as comfortable as possible!

  1. Opening game: popcorn (jumping up and down, dunking head in water).
  2. Swims/glides: swim on stomach to catch a toy, kick off wall and glide on your back.
  3. Retrieving objects: throw toys all over the pool and have kids kick to them to catch them.
  4. Floats: starfish on back and stomach.
  5. Closing game: what time is it Mr.Wolf.